Muddy Scales

This is the Birri people. And this is their story. Birri in traditional language, means river.

Uncle Kenny now fights for this sacred country as he faces the proposal of the Urannah dam wall. The dam would inundate 53 kilometres of his land.

Water Futures

Ken Peters-Dodd and Kereama Peters

Urannah homelands of the Widi and Birri peoples of Birri Gaba Nation, Bowen river, QLD.

Water Futures was a three-day international, interdisciplinary event involving participants from across Australia and the Asia Pacific, held in Melbourne Australia in February 2017 and convened by Arts House, City of Melbourne as part of Asia TOPA. 

Sun Salute – No More

Music Video

No More lends its voice to the Original people of this land and to all those people around the world who’s cultural values, sacred protocols and ancient voices have been shunned behind government & media corruption and misinformation.

Murder on the Reef

Feature documentary trailer

An objective documentary about the Great Barrier Reef and current port expansion projects, which are adding to the decline of the Reef’s health.

In the film we are asking a question whether the Australian economy can flourish alongside its beautiful Reef? Is it a matter of “us versus them”, or is there hope for a sustainable future for everybody? 

3CR Pdcast

Keep Urannah Pristine. No Dam, Connection to Country.

Hear the insights of Ken Peters Dodd,  a sovereign Birriah man whose  ancestors were  forced from their land west of Bowen in Queensland.  

Now he has returned with his family to live on Birri country, perform ceremony  and defend it from the proposed Urannah dam,  from Adani’s plans and from climate change.  

Giyou Peters Dodd gives a clear call for us all to clean up the planet. Senator  Larissa Waters asks for a stronger indigenous voice and to clean up politics.

We need your help

to protect our river, our environment and our culture

"We are the River People our river is sacred it is our life it gives us the connection to our land and the beginning of creation.

It is our duty to protect our BIRI (river) against the rapid demand of water supplies to the Mining Industry in the Bowen Basin. Urannah Creek and Broken River are the last wild rivers in this country and the biodiversity and the environment is untouched.” Descendant Wiri and Birri people.

We will be launching our campaign soon to build the people power to stop this dam.

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