Urannah – Home of the river people

“We are the river people our river is sacred it is our life it gives us the connection to our land and the beginning of creation. It is our duty to protect, Urannah and our BIRI (river) against the rapid demand of water supplies to the Mining Industry in the Bowen Basin. Urannah Creek and Broken River are the last wild rivers in this country and the biodiversity and the environment is untouched.” Descendant Wiri and Birri people.

Urannah Dam

The proposed Urannah Dam project does not warrant the environmental destruction and risks to the land and rivers of Urannah, an area of highly sensitive Cultural and Environmental value of Eungella Hinterlands and surrounding areas of ecological importance.

This project has always been a great concern for the First Nations people, locals, farmers, environmentalists and scientists.


  • Broken River Urannah and Urannah Grass Lands – Photos by Jeff Tan


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